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Friday, December 29, 2006

making things

this is my sister's christmas package of knits i made for her, i hope she likes them.



ok so, you've been wondering what i made with my stash, so here are some photos, i finally made a "ruffle scarf" that looks more to me like a corkscrew one or potatoe chips aligned, heh. i also made a dark red zigzag scarf that doubles around the neck with all the reds that i could find in my stash. i just love those two, dario even wanted to buy the blue one off my neck! wait till he sees the red one. i think the blue one looked gorgeous on him, looked like those collars from the italian renaissance; in case you've forgotten, he's a venitian.
and i have also gathered some of my yellow and grey stash to make a tramway cozy, it holds a lot of tickets unlike the weekly or monthly "carte orange".

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Are You More Cat or Dog? click armchair to find out

You Are: 10% Dog, 90% Cat

You are are almost exactly like a cat.
You're intelligent, independent, and set on getting your way.
And there's no way you're going to fetch a paper for anyone!


Chris IS bad

i made chris what he's been wanting so much. it took part of one skein of 100% silk in bonbon pink and also of a blend of cotton and raphia. it's the kinkiest thing ever and it gave me such a hard time. i had been looking at a pattern for it for such a long time, and after i found the pattern last week and started on it yesterday all day, i was asking myself a thousand questions. in the end, i quit thinking and just got on with it. it turned out fantastic. he got home and said: i love this pink! so i told him it was so "him", lol it's true, pink becomes him, but he's no sissy and that's why he can wear it unashamed. in case you're wondering, the green "thing" next to it is our christmas tree after we fondled it.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

my own one skein creations

i was wondering, like ok, i make my own things using one skein, tons using one 50 grs of things that are my favorite! i start with the yarns that i have and assemble them by color combination and i get an idea. the trigger can also be an event (such as the christmas swap that i participated in at "brentano's", a french-american bookstore. everyone that wanted a gift back gave a knit item using 50 grs of yarn. would you like to see what i made for that one?
better still, people inspire me, like camille my niece, i made her tons of things because when you know a camille, it just shows all over on her, her taste is so "there", in her room, on her air, in her clothes, she loves pink, purple, and the color in between pink and purple. she's such a girlie.
now chris wants something that takes one skein, he's so bad, hehe.
i knit dario a hat and guess what? when i first met dario at my booth, he was eyeing my hats intensly, when you see my hat, you will just KNOW why. dario is going to venice, such a lucky guy, he deserves it, haha!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

am back

hi there! i left you the whole weekend. i met laurel -her mate's name is Not hardy- an american in paris. she makes glass beads. hm, what did i make? oh i learned 3 crochet stitches... i totally learned crochet from scratch. wanted to make this ruffle scarf and i had no instructions for it but the ones done in crochet. so i gave in and looked for a diagram on "double bride" and here was i crocheting with my MIL's the way, she gave me all of her collection of needles one day, this other two projects in crochet were: a "filet top" that i created, hope to learn how to upload photos fast in here so i can show you here.i knit a potatoe chip for it since the ruffle scarf looks so much like potatoe chips... i thought i may be making another scarf sometime in yellow, what do you say?i also crocheted and orange fish to hang down from the "filet top". after two froggings i finally got the hang of the "tail making".so yesterday night i knit a headband-earwarmers to go with both ruffle scarf and filet top.i've started a knit christmas tree, mine was blown by the wind and broken. i had put it outside to "embellish" the balcony and make space inside my tiny parisian appartment. look for the photo of the tree above, in the "Chris IS bad" section


Saturday, December 16, 2006

One Skein Knit-Along (& Crochet too)