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Wednesday, May 05, 2010


it was the 2010 of the Rambouillet festival, its 10th edition too.
many europpean countries exhibited their wools in the europpean pavillion with fiber samples and knit examples and text on the walls of the open space to talk about the different sheep species.

we saw these "animals" as we walked down the isle towards the entrance gate. they could not be fawns could they?! we later found out they were sheared sheep!

a beautiful exercise in style knitting a hat with icord and pompons with spiralling stitch mittens and interesting simple shawl in vertical garter bordered with a crochet shell trim using up every last bit of yarn.

Estonian shawl knit from estonian fiber sheep, tassels made by twisting ends on themselves backwards then just knotted at the ends

different flower shapes in different plants color dyes labelled with the names of the plants used, also made with different fibers sampled in bags below hanging from the lower rod

i learned a lot about fiber and texture. i also now know better than to buy bits of fiber that are not in ribbon, they're left overs from it!!! i bought a tiny bit of yarn of the land or "laine du pays" as they call it in french that is very rough but i liked the colors of the solognette and the burel. maybe they soften with washing, i do not know but i sure want to try knitting them before i purchase a serious quantity.
Ah! and the funnest thing was making a "dream catcher" as i've always wanted to buy one but never could find any, so now i have my own handmade one i think it's very pretty.
i also took cards of farmers, i pretty much know what's available now in france, looking forward to contacting them.

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Blogger . . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

I love that floral-dyeing display. very clever and attractive.

12/20/10, 5:22 AM  

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