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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


looks like a turtle's shell. it is very soft and fun in colours. it sure wll bring some sunshine on rainy days.

if you wish to buy it hurry up because it is going to go in my exhibited collection!

"Tortue" porte bien son nom et est très doux à porter. vous ne vous cacherez sûrement pas dedans comme dans une carapace. fun, il est bon à porter les jours de grisaille.

si vous le voulez dépêchez-vous de me l'acheter avant mon exposition!

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is a new vest of my own creation. it reminds me of tropical forests, it fitls from size XS up to size XL because of its extremely stretchy stitch.
the main body varies between the greens and the browns with a red bottom reminding of some exotic plant of rich reds.
it uses stranded knitting or fairisle or colourwork.

the open slit in front gives it a hide and seek sexiness.
if you hurry up you may be able to buy it before i exhibit it!

ma création, si vous souhaitez l'acheter avant mon exposition alors dépêchez-vous!

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

my friend james in australia

he's funny!