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Thursday, May 05, 2011

spinning the World

i have been on a quest for the perfect way and the perfect spindle those last few days.
it's been so mind blowing yet so calming and i got a blister from trying to spin a lace yarn but it is all worth it.
i read somewhere that you have to keep doing it till your FINGERS catch it, i am thinking it is a race between the hare and the turtle, between the spindle and the fingers, between the brain and the body, and then when the MIND rests is when you GOT IT, AHA!

Claire: BLF/Churro cross, LeAnn, DK, LeAnn flat top whirl spindle

Sugar Candy, le chat noir, Bulky, 28 gram flat top whirl spindle

Silver Mountain, le chat noir, Fingering, Britanny top whorl spindle
...more colors of the same spun unraveling

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