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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


What would you like to find here that i have not yet made?
the lace necklace in a multitude of colors
the leaves lariat in other colors
things to buy for your man or yourself if you are a man
fabric clothes free polls

please take a few minutes to answer it, thank you. it will help me see to what you'd like to see here, what your envies are...


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

noces de coquelicot

while browsing for a poppy of any kind, done in any possible way, i stumbled, of course, on georgia O'keefe's famous "red poppy".
click on her photo, see why she painted a red huge poppy, it's worth a visit.

i believe her face to be one of those i find stunning and beautiful. she looks like an icon, like a yoko ono, like me at times at some stages in my life. she looks like the inner person you are if you did not put so much effort into looking like someone other than your true self. that is why i like this photo so much.

voila ou je voulais en venir: les noces de coquelicot, 8 ans de Vie... ce n'est pas rien, ca vous fait des cheveux blancs et des cheveux blonds, au gre du temps. parfois meme des cheveux noirs...

a placer dans le registre de l'amour; merci Amour.


Monday, March 26, 2007

make your own snowflake

be sure to make your own by using the cyber scissors.


Friday, March 23, 2007

carrie's look

seasons 4, 5 and 6


Thursday, March 22, 2007


sew retro blog


Tuesday, March 20, 2007



this can be worn as a cuff on long sleeves or upside down like a bracelet for a more funky look.

SOLD, i will never make another one of this, lucky owner!!!

unique renaissance top - nice surprise awaiting, email me

for this one you can chose from the yarns at the bottom, special orders can be made - email me.

this one can be made to be worn as a brooch, you can also chose your yarn and color.

this one can go from sporty to "very" dressy.


those items are for you to pick from.
sometimes, you could place an order on some of my items too with color preferences.
you can plan to make birthday or holiday or wedding presents for the bride's maids or groom's best men...
the photo of different yarns and colors is there to help you make a choice.
feel free to inquire about anything at all and contact me at:


Tuesday, March 13, 2007


clarisse's comment says: i placed an order for this necklace and got it today. i am so thrilled! it is really very beautiful. this is exactly what i wanted plus it's not expensive at all. thank you Zaz.

tu es un chou clarisse. j'aimerais bien avoir une photo de toi en pied le portant.

Monday, March 12, 2007

lace mohair necklace with crystals

this necklace was a bit harder to knit but it is worth the trouble. it will be great with a lycra white top. it's worn here with a straps top, but might as well be worn with a tight T, not showing any flesh at the neck line.


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

pour clarisse

clarisse m'a donne une idee super. j'avais deja envie de voir ce que ca pourrait donner avec des perles. ce collier ressemble deja a ceux en perles des "saraguros". donc si je vais y ajouter des perles ca sera tres parcimonieusement pour garder les lignes deja pures.

ce que j'aimerais avec du fil mohair noir c'est des perles en forme de coeur, plutot "bold" ou "presentes" aussi etonnant que ca puisse sembler.

je prefere ca a des perles de crystal classy mais un peu trop subtiles pour un choix ose de fil pour un modele comme celui-ci.

en tout cas, voici ce que ca donne.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

inset sleeves

so here are instructions for doing just that from "the girl from auntie".
you never know, one always needs extra instructions for such an "epineux" topic.

Monday, March 05, 2007

crochet clutch

i knit this evening clutch using one yarn of medium grey and a metallic Aurora Borealis yarn that takes on all the colors you chose to knit it with.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

o'purple lace necklace

i made this with purple yarn, it's pretty thick so it's plush, unlike the lacier similar one is blue down below. i know this irish girl that is crazy about purple and is irish (O'...), so this one's a tribute to her.