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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

noces de coquelicot

while browsing for a poppy of any kind, done in any possible way, i stumbled, of course, on georgia O'keefe's famous "red poppy".
click on her photo, see why she painted a red huge poppy, it's worth a visit.

i believe her face to be one of those i find stunning and beautiful. she looks like an icon, like a yoko ono, like me at times at some stages in my life. she looks like the inner person you are if you did not put so much effort into looking like someone other than your true self. that is why i like this photo so much.

voila ou je voulais en venir: les noces de coquelicot, 8 ans de Vie... ce n'est pas rien, ca vous fait des cheveux blancs et des cheveux blonds, au gre du temps. parfois meme des cheveux noirs...

a placer dans le registre de l'amour; merci Amour.



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