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Friday, December 28, 2007

this link is great for me, it's interesting to see how different cultures come up with different ways of writing patterns regardless of the written text.
it seems to me so far that the japanese way is that of putting almost everything in the charting, i like that.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

last minute christmas gifts/cadeaux de dernière minute

le bonnet rose ainsi que l'écharpe rose sont chacun maintenant chez leurs propriétaires respectifs.

l'écharpe turquoise est partie ainsi que le bonnet turquoise, restent l'écharpe douillette longue et les mitaines.

15 euros chaque!

je vends chaque article dans cette photo a 15 euros.
les mitaines se marient bien avec l'écharpe très longue et douillette.
le chapeau adulte bleu peut être marié à une écharpe dans le même mélange alpaga acrylique.
le chapeau rose lui passe de la taille bébé à une taille grand enfant grâce a une système ingénieux de bouton et de liens qui le maintiennent bien sur la tête, il se déplie quand votre enfant grandit.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

the bestseller hats

MERCI Frank, marie-no, clarisse.
frank, tu es tellement photogenique que tout le monde a voulu essayer les chapeaux que tu portais.

i ran short on time so the photos were taken without my presence. i like them though.
well, the blue big one is not worn at its best nor the chinese-looking one (the square-shaped one with tassles).
two people fought over that last one, funny, that one started off as a scarf, but i got frightened at the idea of knitting a metre and a half of double basket weave stitch so i turned it into a hat with some shaping in the back for the roundness of the skull.

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christmas exhibition

ok so i took a booth and designed a few items for people to buy fast and easy like hats and mittens and scarves.
i enjoyed it a lot, Zaz was the only designer of clothes, most were selling goods for eating or drinking, but all had a passion they were showing the public.
all in all it was very good, and this kid asked his mom for two christmas balls for the tree i had.


Monday, December 10, 2007

software for creating plush toys