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Monday, December 10, 2007

software for creating plush toys



Blogger Nicole said...

What cool software!

So, I saw your comment on my blog about the Basalt tank ... I think the KAL is dead, since the posts have gotten few and far between, and I think I did try to join and didn't get any response. Anyway, the waist shaping was simple. I chose the size that would give me a snug but not tight fit at my hips, then just cast on fewer stitches for sides 2A and 3E. I based that on measurements I took at my waist as compared to my hips. As I was knitting, I kept freaking out that the waist shaping was going to end up at the wrong place on my body, and then somehow my calculations weren't quite accurate (my gauge wasn't quite what I had measured it as), but it all turned out to be fine in the end!

So I cast on 17 stitches for those sides (2A and 3E) instead of ... 33? I think that's what it was. And then picked up 17 on that side when I was knitting hexagons 4 and 5. I skipped every other decrease, too, so that section of the hexagon still tapered evenly.

I really want to add more hexagons to make it a dress-dress, and not just a tunic like it is now, but I'm kind of tired of working on it. :( Maybe I'll pick it up again in spring.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope this was helpful. Let me know if you have other questions.

12/15/07, 4:04 AM  

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