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Thursday, August 23, 2007

issey miyake or zaz

c'est amusant comment les choses tournent; ce matin j'ai ouvert ma boîte mail pour découvrir un message de mon amie me disant de jeter un coup d'oeuil au site d'issey miyake's pour "leaves" (elle est américaine).
en voici le contenu: pavlovian_swan: visionne HaaT collection. . .on dirait tes "feuilles" :O (emoticon de surprise).
j'y suis allée et voici ce que j'ai trouvé.

funny how things go; i got a message from my friend asking me to check issey miyake's website for "leaves".

here's what she says: pavlovian_swan: look at the HaaT collection. . .looks like your "leaves" :O (stunned emoticon here).

so i went and this is what i found.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks as if your "feuilles" got transplanted into Iseey's Miyake accessory on that cute jacket.
That's a great concept: extending your "feuilles" into more intricate accessories ..

8/23/07, 11:07 PM  

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