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Thursday, August 23, 2007

petites mains and workshops

paris couture thrived on "petites mains' " contribution, all the detail work was done by hand. this is what couture is, those "touches" of feathers, sequins, embroidery that are all made by hand meticulously.
now so little workshops where those women work with their little hands are left, some have been bought by renown "maisons", karl lagerfeld did it, a very good thing for his chanel collection.
couture is not machines, couture is about those little seamstresses with their little hands who make the designers' big dreams come true.

so, you will ask me: what does this have to do with crafts? the "making" is all crafts!

read some behind the line couture stories on petites mains at Dior * by john galliano and the ode to petites mains ** by karl lagerfeld at Chanel ***.
* p2
** p7


Anonymous Anonymous said...

.. now, if we could only get Mr. Lagerfeld to get interested in you "petites mains" .. he would probably appreciate them.
What i'm wondering is how the "petites mains" got themselves to be noticed by the "maisons"?

8/23/07, 10:59 PM  

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