haute-couture designs

Thursday, January 25, 2007

for denise

a renaissance style top knit in one piece, even the pink guild is knit.


pour catherine

i gave this mohair top in powder pink to my younger sister. she loves very feminine clothes and she wore it straight off. i got an order for it in prune color and the ribbon was a hot pink satin, very pretty too with a V neck this time.
the prune is the color of this "chauffe-├ępaules".


purple heart

as i told you, i make many projects that use just one skein. i had shown you the orange mohair collar. i knit my sister a bobbled corset belt that started me on the idea of the "bra" one here. i am thinking of making many using the same basics; different colors and different "motifs". the band in purple and black on top is a hair band.


Saturday, January 20, 2007

i got mail!

hi there, yesterday i got two envelopes from the USA, one of them is from andrea of making things and "fable handknit" and it's a sampler of her lovely baby alpaca , if you've not seen her blog then just do it! she's so into fashion... (yeah and chris got me the new french vogue from the train thalys coming from brussels, amazing...).
the other envelope contained the new VK!!! it took just 3 days to get to me, thank you jane :x i am going to be quite busy with it, hehe.

guess what i found? yep, someone else thought of their subway ticket also and made a mitten called "charlie card pocket", remember my "carte orange cozy"?!