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Friday, August 08, 2008

Maroon JO (knitting for Tibet)

i have bought cotton yarn ESPECIALLY for to knit TODAY for the opening of the olympic games in maroon: the color of the monks and nuns of Tibet.
while the opening takes place i will be knitting for the tibetans who just want a “no culture loss”. they speak not of torture but of freedom to express their culture.
i WILL watch the opening, because if i am equanimous then i know i am one with everything and that i cannot feel hate for the chinese for: would you chop off your own arm because it hurts?
in hope that they come out one day of their “ignorance” let’s pray for them too.

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coach of OM

i've not blogged in a long time, but i was writing whenever i could on ravelry, reporting my finished projects.

i've not spoken so much in here about knitted items designed by others as my first interest and aim is to express myself in my knitwear.

so, coachella is a famous design among people that knit (i prefer to call us this because some us us just knit and others both create and knit, they are not mutually exclusive but i believe that knitting is inclusive to being a designer of knitwear because you must know your technique and produce your first model of everything you design; in french that is called "createur-modeliste").

... coach of OM is my name for "coachella", because, i knit it in view of vacations in the hot hot south of france and it is in marseilles near the OM stadium, stade Olympique de Marseilles, that this photo was taken because that's where it was worn the first time.

most of the coachellas i've seen were made with much sleeker yarn but i wanted to try the pattern with some bit of linnen so that the draping at the front pulls down on itself and just "sits" there instead of standing up and swaying right and left.

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