haute-couture designs

Friday, November 23, 2007



1- Get gauge at hardware store or other

2- Make first loop, secure

3- Make another loop over the previous one, then another

4- Cut a 2 inch piece of gauge

5- Secure around loops at bottom to hold them in place

6- Cut wire gauge excess at top,
leaving a 3 inch tail, arrange ball to desired shape

7- Dress up with knit tube*
8- Pull bottom yarn thread, secure, hide inside ball

9- Best part: Fold the left off gauge 3 inch piece into a loop to hang

* My tube is knit with big needles to let the light in from the lights garland. *twinkle*

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Llama real and virtual

i named my e-pet "venerable" because it's a llama, someone else named their real one "Lla" which i find very cute as it reminds me of the titles: geshe-la or christie-la (a gelugpa lama).

Monday, November 12, 2007

too busy to post, but ...

hello, i have not posted since "forever". i have knitting for a booth i took for christmas with the mairie. i thought it a good way to replace the stand i did not take in september due to my contact being in birmanie all summer, haha, with no cellphone...
what am i making? things that people can just grab and go without feeling pain in their chests or to their pockets (is this english???)

all my necklaces that i made with love over the summer at the beach will be for sale as well as some hats that i am making and a couple of scarves (reluctantly made).
my slouch hat pattern put chris in awe, he just couldn't understand why one would need roominess instead of huggness; "Style mon ami, Style!"
change IS good and fashion is made for cycles to turn, just like seasons in nature "unmake" boredom.

what else? i've been so busy knitting for others that i did not notice that my sweaters were wearing out so i slid a very basic sweater to knit for me with a very amusing colorway in blues. i finished the stockinette part and arrived to the K2 P2 part of it. many bloggers complain from ribbing being boring, well what the heck, it's just another way to get a great sweater instead of buying one of those cheaply machine cut ones even if it says "cashemire" on the label.

man! can't they make good sweaters anymore?! it's just unbelievable this year! (or am i getting fussy?!) almost all the sweaters i've seen are shapeless either because the cut is so bad or the weaving is so lose.
ok i am off to knit.