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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

am back

hi there! i left you the whole weekend. i met laurel -her mate's name is Not hardy- an american in paris. she makes glass beads. hm, what did i make? oh i learned 3 crochet stitches... i totally learned crochet from scratch. wanted to make this ruffle scarf and i had no instructions for it but the ones done in crochet. so i gave in and looked for a diagram on "double bride" and here was i crocheting with my MIL's the way, she gave me all of her collection of needles one day, this other two projects in crochet were: a "filet top" that i created, hope to learn how to upload photos fast in here so i can show you here.i knit a potatoe chip for it since the ruffle scarf looks so much like potatoe chips... i thought i may be making another scarf sometime in yellow, what do you say?i also crocheted and orange fish to hang down from the "filet top". after two froggings i finally got the hang of the "tail making".so yesterday night i knit a headband-earwarmers to go with both ruffle scarf and filet top.i've started a knit christmas tree, mine was blown by the wind and broken. i had put it outside to "embellish" the balcony and make space inside my tiny parisian appartment. look for the photo of the tree above, in the "Chris IS bad" section


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