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Friday, December 29, 2006


ok so, you've been wondering what i made with my stash, so here are some photos, i finally made a "ruffle scarf" that looks more to me like a corkscrew one or potatoe chips aligned, heh. i also made a dark red zigzag scarf that doubles around the neck with all the reds that i could find in my stash. i just love those two, dario even wanted to buy the blue one off my neck! wait till he sees the red one. i think the blue one looked gorgeous on him, looked like those collars from the italian renaissance; in case you've forgotten, he's a venitian.
and i have also gathered some of my yellow and grey stash to make a tramway cozy, it holds a lot of tickets unlike the weekly or monthly "carte orange".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, never seen a ruffle scarf before...
and nice tramway cosy, as you know, i have an immense interest in public transport

2/8/07, 3:29 AM  

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