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Friday, January 15, 2010

cadeau de technique ancestrale pour cadeau de technique moderne / old trade for new technology

pochette de i-phone tricotée avec divers filages de moutons divers sur toison naturelle de mouton et teinte en orchanette bain "X"

this is all the first bits of spindle spun from different “white” sheep, so there’s purple-white, ecru-white, yellow-white, oyster-white.

i decided that it would be the pouch to my gift to chris: a white i-phone.
there’s a linnen yarn that he spun.

all the beads are mostly clear purple for the pouch lest some yellow i sneaked in.
the beads on the linnen closure part are however clear white.
i let the yarn decide for the bead color by accenting its original color.

i love the smooth glass beads with the rugged yarns

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Anonymous Chris said...

Thks but I dont need an Iphone to be connected to you. It is more natural ...

1/17/10, 12:08 PM  

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