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Monday, October 06, 2008

for TIBETAN babies

i am making a whole lot of baby booties from acrylic for the babies in france to sell at the christmas fair to generate money to buy 100% wool yarn to make baby booties for TIBETAN babies.
fair trade, i think, with europpean mothers wanting to dump everything in the washing machine.
and tibetans having no washing machine and scarce water... and it's so cold up there, they only can get warm enough with 100% wool.

so far i decided to sell the pair for 5 euros and no pair is alike so you can have your own unique pair :)

i've heard it's very hard to find wool in india and nepal etc, as they export all they sheer to us in europe and other countries to generate some money.


est mon projet pour les bébés tibétains.

les bébés français en se chaussant "Zaz" contribuent à l'achat d'une pure laine de couleur Rouge pour tricoter des chaussons aux bébés tibétains.

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