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Friday, September 05, 2008


it seems that i want to go on with this idea that started at the OG. it's funny that ravelry had the idea of an olympics but for knitting: like you'd put yourself an aim to accomplish in a definite time lapse (ravelry's was 17 days).
but not knowing about it yet and with this dilemna of what's happening in tibet and the olympics being held in china i wanted to express my opinion using my own medium: knitting.

here's my project.

so i started knitting for TIBET with a hat in maroon.
now that it's done, i was in bretagne and in this huge yummy yarn depot almost so i picked a few skeins in maroon and safron for the winter to inspire me for more knits for TIBET.

on another note, i was telling someone about how the tibetans cannot wash because of the extreme cold conditions and i was surprised that he used the word POOR to define their condition.
i then noticed that "poor" was long banned from my way of thinking. we think we know what others want and how they should live but do we ever think if they think of themselves of "poor"?

i believe that in some countries where you grow your own food and milk your own goats and cook your own food, there is no room for thinking thoughts like: "i will not have money to buy Danone desserts for my kids".
this would be hilarious for them to hear. is Danone or the supermarket the God that drives their world? certainly not, is it to us in daily life? in some way yes. now who's more ridiculous?

i remember my mom making our yoghurt from the previous batch and every time we had an enormous quantity. people say that they have no time yet complain about cost, is it even feasable to make a comparison between costs? no i don't believe so, the difference is like between the distance between earth and the moon.

i don't know about you but, have you ever tried my grandma's dinner? at 70 + she used to spend time at our place and i remember her sweet self filling a bowl with yoghurt that her or mom had made and adding the rose jam she had made from rose petals. since i've never tasted any supermarket yoghurt that smelled or tasted so good. food was REAL. my own preference goes for yoghurt sweetened with heavy opaque white honey, at lunch time i may replace it with a dash of salt and a drizzle of olive oil and stir and eat: yummy!

this reminds me of my birthday dinner at my first tibetan/monghol restaurant, i ordered tchai and at the beginning of the meal they brought me an individual teapot with herbs and flowers and rose petals, it was a sweet tchai. during the meal it was a salty tchai with milk, butter and salt and "orge" barley flour, i believe.
are these meals "poor food"? i do not see it this way at all. in buddhism it is believed that people come live on this earth in different realms: the same things can be lived as being heavenly by a person of a certain spiritual realm while they can seem to be hellish by those of a different realm.

as many things in spirituality and religion this is an allegory (maybe more ;-) ) but one thing is for certain: the way we live life as good or horrible stems from "View" and View can be perfected. so this means that everyone (almost) has the potential to live (or view) a wonderful life.

i know this may be incredulous but i am firm about what i assert because i've had proof.

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Anonymous Cissy said...

Your project for Tibet is wonderful, and I love this beautiful philosophy and know that it is true. We must all reach this understanding of life and each other soon or humanity will perish.


9/9/08, 5:55 AM  
Blogger Amrita said...

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11/18/09, 8:49 AM  
Blogger Amrita said...

I totally agree on your viewpoint. What is considered a 'poor' standard of living might actually be the ideal way of life for many others. In India, we like to recycle - it has always been the norm and wastage is something, which all families try to avoid. I love the fact that your grandma used to make homemade yoghurt - we do too! And cottage cheese and it tastes the best ever - so much better than store bought stuff!

Amrita -

11/18/09, 8:50 AM  

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