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Sunday, March 09, 2008

"mon coeur" hat and "kool heart" necklace

i made these a while ago but it was not until now that i took the photos.

the "mon coeur" hat is a bit pointed at the top. a little white heart was stitched on it using the double stitch technique. the earflaps were knit seperatly and sewn on lightly to keep the effect of layering. two staps made of long i-cords were added for extra wamth, to be tied under the chin.

the "kool heart" necklace is made of two hearts sewn together in raspberry red thin mohair used in double. the white i-cord is thick off white mohair, it can be left long or shortened by tying behind the neck.
both the heart and i-cord were fulled seperatly to hold stitches better together.
the heart is filled with very smooth material but i decided that i will only be using material that can turn to ashes when burnt from now on, so no acrylic and no plastic, etc...

i am planning to make a range of "kool" necklaces with forms attached to them, so if you have something that you'd like but cannot find it anywhere do not hesitate to contact me with your "wish". my email is righ under my profile picture to the upper left.

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