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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Mesh hat

i crocheted for the first time! i made a chain then proceeded to make the sc the dc etc, 3 times each then off to the mesh stitch.

chris is modeling a "chamois" one, then the second i made is the red variagated one then a thinner yarn one which is the variagated grey.

then i crocheted the blue variagated mesh belt that is just pinned in the photo, i think i will add two or even three closures to it, i felted it a bit (fulled it) so it becomes firmer in texture.

i am liking the blocking and fulling techniques now, with my head "form" i can stretch after wetting and then i can full to tighten, wow so many possibilities!



Blogger kawaii crafter said...

love the belt, I'd totally wear it.

5/7/08, 6:12 AM  

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