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Thursday, September 25, 2008

commissioned work

i met a person at a designers' exhibition where i had a booth full of knits (sweaters, luxurious). he bought all of his christmas and birthday gifts off me and we "designed" his sweater to be fo me to knit.
he commisioned orders where we discussed together for a year. this was my first time doing this.
i enjoyed the money as much as i enjoyed looking after his needs (alpaca, etc) at a fair price.

it was a question of trust, i looked for yarns, called to give different prices, and gave him the choice. he knew the value of handknitting (maybe because he's venitian aristocracy?!).

i miss it to say the truth. very little time was left for my own knitting but you have one sweater to keep you warm and the rest is superfluous. i remember i made fun stuff for me that were crazy and took little time because i had to be quick, i'd wear them to meet him and he'd sometimes want to buy them off my neck with the yarns still "out".

who did charity to whom? i guess we both were happy, i loved the putting ideas together...
the money was just a fact of life (you don't go through a knit project with just the price of the yarn redeemed.
he also got his joy: he knew he participated and could have what he had in his head and could not find in readywear market nor in highfashion market because he'd have to pay much more.

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Blogger Linda said...

I think that sounds like so much fun! What a wonderful partnership you two had.

9/25/08, 6:05 PM  

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