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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

tulipe hatpin

i've always loved hatpins, i prefer the system to that of brooches, they're long and elegant.
this one is my first, i used a shape that resembles a tulip, put a pearl above and tied a baby blue ribbon, glued them all.
the pin even has a "stopper" at the end. it's an old matt gold color, just right for this yarn that's knit in the back.
you can make one yourself, you need:

  • a hatpin in yellow brass with a closure end

  • some metal/wood/all purpose glue in a tube

  • a flower shape finding in matt old gold

  • a fake or culture water pearl just a tiny bit bigger in diameter than the flower

  • about 4 inches (10 cms) length of 0.20 inch (0.5 cms) wide blue satin ribbon
i suggest you take your knit item with you when shopping to best match the colors, shapes, motifs if any.
my knit piece had flowers on it. and the yellow in it looked like old gold, mottled.

put glue on the tip of the pin, enough for the height of the pearl and pearl you'll be putting in it together.
i suggest you try those on it before deciding how long your glue streak should be.

take your piece of ribbon and fasten it around the pin under the flower you just made, knot tight but not too tight, satin will slip and you will always be able to tighten later. do that a bit down from the flower, you always can put higher.
now make a nice knot do not pull too tight yet.
put a dot of glue right under your flower and pull the ribbon bow on top of it.
now you can tighten real hard, keep your hand firmly on for 5 mns till dry.

the best part: get your good sewing cissors ant cut both ends on each side at an angle, much nicer, no?
now a trick: get a box of matches and bring the flame in a parallel motion to the end to keep it from fraying.
this will form a bit of a "seal" to your satin fabric.

wear with pride, give away, enjoy!
put some glue the hight of the

put some glue on the top of the pin for about a

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