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Monday, October 12, 2009

Marie-Antoinette's Guillotine Cuff

it is said that Marie-Antoinette had her jeweller design her guillotine cuff links after her favorite castle chef’s dessert: a chocolate “biscuit” drizzled with a “crème à la pistache” and topped with a “cerise confite”.

this is my crochet version of it, in homage to my gourmet sense of taste and let's hope for the best for me.
you will notice that the cuffs, having been on the woman's neck formed a "ribbon of blood" that was silky
yes, death "is sweeter" on the more gracious necks.

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Blogger Eliana said...

I love the versatility of this piece. You're very creative!!!

10/13/09, 2:53 PM  

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