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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

my booth "Zaz"

i had a booth pre-christmas under a yellow tent above water (not a submarine).
it was very much fun, cold, a donkeys' booth facing me and lots of other different "sentient beings".

my work was much appreciated, some was not "wearable" as to per the passer-bys' standards but "trés joli". they'd stop and stare.
chris explained to me that they can like an item very much but not visualize themselves in it.
my response was: but i have those on sale and they are small items, they can try without loss!

i guess people sometimes prefer to not venture into what they do not know. it is maybe like how it gows with the dying and them clinging to their body.
(this won't make much sense to some, i know but it's my rye humour).

even the baby booties did not all sell, but it's a bad bad year and whenever you have a chance to NOT take money out of your pocket then you won't.

it will teach me to give more of my time knitting more complex things for the same price. i have to offer my already very high quality yarn along with the complex stitches the new chinese machines are coming up with.

i do it already for the luxury items, it is fair that the luxury items have complex stitches "fait main" (handknit), understandable even because knitting time is money and physical effort (let alone creativity). they also are sold at a higher price because they are "pièce unique" (exclusive pieces).
but now i have to apply those crazy stitches unto my small items made by the bunch like hats and scarves without charging for my time.
and in no way am i going to cheapen my yarn.

ceci est mon stand de la periode pré-fêtes de fin d'année 2008.
c'était trés agréable malgré le froid et tout le monde a beaucoup apprécié.

n'oubliez pas ce rendez-vous l'année prochaine, c'est le premier weekend du mois de décembre, à bientôt!

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Blogger Rositta said...

You know, that is a common complaint of an artisan. Nobody want's to pay what an item is really worth. I used to run into it all the time when I was selling pottery, when I was still new at the game...ciao

1/22/09, 2:56 AM  

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