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Friday, January 30, 2009

Mal à Brigo

umph, chris helped me wind that beautiful vanilla Malabrigo skein. alas how could i have known it all cut threads? we had trouble and it was so sexy seeing him go through all that without whining.
i love those shared moments even if we had trouble and it was not easy.

i had been thinking for a while of making "Clapotis" to see how it is constructed so i am using this yarn for it. i've now got like 8 parts of the skein but i sure know how to not have knots *wink wink*

it's coming out fine, it seems, but i had to rip it like 6 times at the start because i was watching some silly soap at the same time.

7th time was the good one because i was alone, uninterrupted by any TV.

i don't belive in mindless knitting, knitting is the most mindful activity.

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