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Monday, February 04, 2008

"mon Coeur" hat

i've had this project in my head for a long time, just waiting to chose the softest yarn, softest colour and softest warmth.

the ears had to be covered i felt without there being "earflaps".

i doodled it once i bought the yarn for it and it grew on its own outside the drawing and came to life.

i just could not resist and took this photo with pins on to sew on later and i love it this way...

the B--d battery went dead on me just as i was about to take another shot in length to show the whole of those yarn "strings" flawing vertically on the body like angel dread-locks.

am i being too romantic about the whole thing?! i don't know but i sure love it how the model looks so good in it and has it on while staring at something else, totally unaware of me.



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