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Thursday, June 14, 2007

cemetery, champa and heart hat gone home

it's official, i shipped cemetery, champa and heart to their owners. i hope they will be pleased with them. i am thinking i need a change, maybe knitting a lace hat, i have this navy blue wool skein for it. it would be good to know where to decrease in a lace stitch without ruining it.
i am also checking every hour the oneSkein blog to see how they liked my take on the top; no news so far.

hey and today i saw my insides in an echography! the feeling was so sweet of having this gel on me and also watching me on the screen. the most emotional was watching the photos afterwards, i was with a client with the results in my hand and couldn't wait for him to finish talking to get a peek. *smiles*


Anonymous Rodney said...

Joy Joy. We are quite pleased with our gifts from across the pond! We have not had a chance to show them off yet, however I am sure that people will be falling over themselves to get these dandys made by that kinetic knitting French lady. Thanks again, we love yo!

6/24/07, 6:22 PM  

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