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Monday, June 11, 2007

green cemetery & champa

it is rodney's birthday and as he wants exactly the same sweater i made for myself, the only sweater i knit for "me", i thought i'd tease him with a hat with skulls.
after i saw the photo, i think his hat looks like a cemetery of green grass with skulls layed out neatly on it... thus the name: green cemetery. i hope he will "get" my french buddhistic sense of humor!

ok now i had a problem with rod's wife or maybe would have one or they'd have one because eventually meg would want to borrow the cemetery! so i came up with this design of a brooch for her because it says WOMAN! i named it champa after my best ever school friend sweet indian "wild flower", champa alwani. she's in the netherland antillies somewhere unless she's living in india, married with four children. please... obly me, if you have heard of her have her email me. i promise whoever finds her a nice gift.



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